HC Deb 28 October 1884 vol 293 c355

I wish to ask the President of the Local Government Board, Whether any steps have been taken to ascertain the nature of the disease which has broken out at Yport, in the North of France; and, if that disease is cholera, what measures had been adopted to prevent its spreading to this country?


Information as to the nature of the outbreak has been asked for by the Medical Department, and partial information has already been received. With regard to the steps taken to prevent the spread of cholera to this country, a most complete examination of the ports has been made in advance during the last four months; and all the regulations which were formerly in force, and which successfully prevented the last epidemic of cholera in Northern Europe from spreading to this country, and which probably have been improved by experience, are in operation at the present time, and have been supplemented by the examination of ports to which I refer.