HC Deb 24 November 1884 vol 294 cc260-1

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, What is the result of the inquiry re- cently held by the Local Government Board Inspector, with respect to the charges against Bartley Hernon, who occupies the positions of relieving officer and estate bailiff on the Isles of Arran; was it proved that Hernon used his twofold office to defraud a poor fisherman, named Michal Logan, of a house, under threat of withdrawing out-door relief from him; was it further proved that Hernon kept no book showing his distribution of relief, and that the traders to whom he gave his orders (one of them a cousin of his) were also unable to give any satisfactory account of his transactions; has Hernon been previously charged with similar irregularities; and, will the Local Government Board now insist on his removal from the office of relieving officer?


Since the inquiry was held, some further complaints have been made against Hernon, and the Local Government Board are in communication with the Guardians on the subject. They cannot, therefore, report on the case at present, or come to a final decision; but they will deal with it as speedily as possible. Perhaps, therefore, the hon. Member will be so good as to put his Question down again at a later date.


I will renew the Question, and I will further ask whether this is the man upon whose evidence Kilmartin was sentenced to penal servitude.