HC Deb 24 November 1884 vol 294 cc282-3

The House is extremely anxious to know what demands are likely to be made upon its time; and the Government, of course, are most anxious to meet the views and the necessities of the House in that respect as far as they can. On that account I am going to take a step which, of course, is not very usual—that is to say, to give Notice of a Bill, at the same time stating that I cannot be absolutely certain that I shall be in a condition to introduce it. But I think it will be for the convenience of the House to state that I have hopes of being able to introduce a Bill for the redistribution of seats for immediate circulation among Members on this day week, and I propose to give a Notice to that effect tonight. I cannot be quite certain of performing it, and in that case it would be necessary to have a postponement; but I will take care in that case that Members shall be put in possession of my intention to postpone. In the meantime, I will place a Notice on the Paper to-day for that purpose. Then, Sir, as I say, my hope is that it might be introduced and circulated immediately; and I am inclined to believe that, viewing the nature of the measure and the general acquiescence in its principles, it would be for the convenience of the House in that case that we should proceed with the second reading of the Bill on Thursday in next week. The House, I think, would much prefer that to any proposal to introduce the Bill on an earlier day, because that would necessarily interfere with the adjournment, which, upon the whole, appears to be desired by the House.


I understand the right hon. Gentleman to make this statement partly in view of a contemplated adjournment of the House for some days; and, if that is so, although undoubtedly the course is one which is not exactly in accordance with many precedents, yet it is one, being for the general convenience of the House, to which I shall offer no objection. It is understood that it does not prejudge the question with regard to the period at which the Bill will be ready.


intimated his assent.