HC Deb 22 November 1884 vol 294 cc204-5

said, that he had sent private Notice to the Secretary to the Admiralty to the effect that, on the bringing up of the Report of Ways and Means, he intended to call attention to the subject of the allowances granted to officers of Marines serving in Egypt, and their subsequent withdrawal; also to an order given by the Admiralty as to the payments being afterwards refunded. He wished to know what were the facts of the matter?


in reply, said, that, as to the Marines at Suakin, he understood that all, except those living afloat, had received field allowance at the naval rates, which were in excess of the field allowance granted to the Army. In addition to these allowances, this climate pay of the Army at the rate of 3s. a-day was also paid to the Marines at the order of the officer commanding. When the circumstances were reported to the Admiralty, directions were given that the double allowance should cease, and also an instruction that the sum which had been paid in respect of climate pay should be recovered from the officers at rates not exceeding from £4 to £5 per month. An appeal had been made against the decision, and the Admiralty were in communication with the War Office on the subject. The object of the order was to prevent the Marines from receiving allowances in excess of those granted to the Army, and an arrangement had been made with the War Office by which the Marines would receive the same allowances as those granted to the Army.


Is it intended to exact repayment of the climate allowances already received by the Marines?


I understand that that is the present intention.


Then I shall call attention to the matter on the Report of Ways and Means—that is now.