HC Deb 21 November 1884 vol 294 cc128-9

asked the Vice President of the Committee of Council, If he could state to the House what is the maximum as well as the minimum pay of the Inspectors of English and Scotch National Schools; in how many years is the maximum attained; what nightly allowance is made in case of absence from home; what is the maximum as well as the minimum pay of Inspectors' Assistants in England and Scotland; in how many years is this maximum attained; do those Assistants receive the same nightly allowance as the Inspectors; and, in either case, are there any limitations as to the distance, or restrictions as to time, the violation of which may forfeit the allowance?


The salaries of Inspectors of Schools in England and Scotland rise from £400 to £800 a-year, with an additional £50 a-year if the Inspector is in charge of a district. The maximum salary may be attained in 24 years; the night allowance in case of absence from home is £1 Is. An Inspector's Assistant has a salary of £150, rising up to £300; and this maximum may be attained in 13 years; and his night allowance is 10s. There are limitations as to distance and to time. I ought to add that we have considerably reduced, and are reducing, the number of Inspectors, and have introduced a new class called Sub-Inspectors, whose salaries range from £300 to £500. If the hon. Member has asked for this information with the view of instituting a comparison between the expenditure in England and Scotland and Ireland, I beg leave to say that the cost of administration in England and Scotland is 6'9 per cent of the total expenditure on education, while in Ireland the cost of administration is 8.9.