HC Deb 17 November 1884 vol 293 cc1851-2

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, If it is true that about a year ago the Constabulary at Whitegate, county of Cork, received information that Colonel Thackwell, a resident in that district, had attempted the life of one of his servants with a revolver; and, whether any entry of the information was made in the barrack journal; and, if so, why Colonel Thackwell was not prosecuted?


Two and a-half years ago—not one year as has been represented to the hon. Member—some disturbance occurred at Colonel Thackwell's residence. He sent a message to the police barrack that he had been assaulted by one of his servants, and he asked that some of the police might be sent up. On their arrival they found that matters had quieted down. It appeared that Colonel Thackwell had fired a shot in the air; but it is not a fact that he had attempted the life of one of his servants. The matter was closely investigated by the District Inspector at the time. There was an entry in the barrack journal; but there was no ground for prosecution.