HC Deb 27 May 1884 vol 288 cc1509-10

said, he wished to call attention to the conviction of the Delahuntys at the Cork Winter Assizes, and the bearing of the dying declaration of the witness Slattery on that case. Having stated the evidence in the case, the hon. Member asked that an inquiry should be held into the facts connected with it. If an independent inquiry was granted, he would produce evidence that the person, Donnellan, who was supposed to be fired at, was mentally affected, and that he admitted in Court that he was subject to delusions; he would produce evidence to show that a telegram was sent by Constable Halloran from Cork to get Slattery released in order that he would produce Markham to get evidence that he heard the shot fired; he would produce evidence that Markham said he would swear anything if he were paid for it; and, of course, they would have the dying declaration of Slattery that his own evidence was false, and that he had suborned the evidence of other two witnesses. In the circumstances, he asked that an inquiry should be made with a view to justice being done to two possibly innocent men.


said, that he was quite prepared to do what he had already done more than once before—namely, to consult with the Law Officers, and ascertain whether it would be proper to refer the affidavit of Slattery to the Judge who tried the case, and ask him what bearing it had upon the trial over which he presided. He considered that step was quite within the bounds of propriety; and it was very much what the hon. Member himself had asked for when he referred to the fact that consideration would have been given to the request by the Home Secretary if this case had occurred on this side of the Channel. He could not, however, hold out any prospect of a sworn inquiry being granted.

Question put, and agreed to.

Resolved, That this House, at its rising, do adjourn till Thursday the 5th of June.