HC Deb 27 May 1884 vol 288 cc1463-4

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Is Mr. Vize, J.P., Manager of National Bank, Mullingar, Treasurer to Mullingar Board of Guardians, an ex-officio member of that board; if so, does he act, and will the Local Government Board permit him to continue to do so; is Mr. Vize's son-in-law medical officer of Mullingar Dispensary, medical officer of Mullingar Workhouse, sanitary officer of Mullingar Dispensary District, and consulting sanitary officer of Mullingar Union; and, is Mr. Vize frequently called upon to order payment of fees to his son-in-law from the Board of Guardians thus acting as ordering, endorsing, and paying, moneys levied as poor rates, in his triple capacity of magistrate, ex-officio guardian, and treasurer to Mullingar Board of Guardians?


The National Bank is the Treasurer of the Mullingar Union, and Mr. Vize is the local manager, and, being a magistrate resident in the Union, he is by law an ex officio Guardian, and the Local Government Board have no power to prevent his acting in that capacity. The gentleman holding the offices of Medical Officer of the Workhouse and Medical Officer of the Dispensary District is Mr. Vize's son-in-law; but payments made to him are ordered by the Board of Guardians, and it does not appear that the fact that the cheques are cashed by Mr. Vize in his capacity as Manager of the Bank can lead to any abuse or irregularity.