HC Deb 23 May 1884 vol 288 cc1183-4

asked the right hon. Gentleman the Prime Minister if there was any change in the announced order of Public Business?


asked the Prime Minister, as Member for Mid Lothian, whether, considering that the subject first on the Paper for Tuesday night was one of the most important to Scot- land which had been brought before this House for many years, he would, in moving the Adjournment of the House, follow the precedent set when he moved the Adjournment for the Easter Recess, and bring on the Motion at the Evening Sitting?


In reference to the last Question, I can only say that I do not think it would be possible for us to keep a House at the Evening Sitting on Tuesday. As to the Question of the right hon. Gentleman, we have been extremely anxious, being very much alive to the state of opinion in the City with regard to the National Debt Bill, to take the extreme measure of asking for a Sitting on Saturday. [Mr. WARTON: Oh!] I expected cheers; and if the hon. and learned Gentleman would allow me to finish my sentence no doubt he would cheer it. I was about to add that, finding it would be a subject of contention, and that time would be wasted in debating whether there should be a Sitting or not, we have reluctantly, and at the same time definitely, withdrawn that design. We shall, therefore, propose to report Progress between 11 and 12 on Monday night in order to take the second reading of that Bill.