HC Deb 12 May 1884 vol 288 cc7-8

asked Mr. Attorney General for Ireland, Whether his attention has been drawn to the case of Mrs. Casey, widow, who, being present tenant of a holding in the townland of Cartongar, electoral division of Brean-risk, county of Longford, served on her landlord, Mr. Tobias H. Peyton, of Hermitage, Newtonforbes, an originating notice, to have a fair rent fixed, previous to the 12th of November 1881; whether she was thereby entitled to have her judicial rent, whenever fixed, to run from 1st November 1881, she being a May and November tenant; whether, through delays, not attributable to her, the judicial rent was not fixed till after 1st November 1883; whether her previous rent was £5, and her judicial rent was fixed at £3 10s.; whether her landlord has, by civil bill or otherwise, recovered from her three half-year's rent, due at May 1882, November 1882, and May 1883, on the previous scale; whether she has any and, if so, what remedy; whether he is aware that there are hundreds of tenants in a similar position; and, whether, if they have no remedy in the existing state of the Law, any remedy will be provided for them by legislation?


Mrs. Casey served an originating notice to have a fair rent fixed previous to the 12th November, 1881. Her application was recorded under the 60th section of the Land Act, and she was entitled to have her judicial rent when fixed bear date from the 1st November, 1881. It was fixed on the 12th July, 1883, at £3 10s., the old rent being £5. The landlord would be acting within his legal rights if he enforced before the 12th July, 1883, the three half-year's rent at the old rate. But I think Mrs. Casey will be entitled at the next settlement of rent to get credit for three sums of 30s., which in the event have been proved to have been overpaid by her.