HC Deb 02 May 1884 vol 287 cc1154-5

asked the Postmaster General, Whether he will consider the propriety of extending to those telegraph clerks whose services were transferred from the Companies to the Department, and who (having not less than twenty-five years' service) have not received promotion consequent on the last revision, the same benefits conferred upon those whose appointments were abolished at the transfer—namely, retirement upon a pension of two-thirds of their present salary; and, if not, whether he is prepared to consider any means by which their position may be improved?


The telegraphists to whom the hon. Baronet refers would come under the provision of the Superannuation Act of 1859; and this Act, except on the score of ill-health, would not admit of their retirement on pensions of two-thirds of their salary or any other amount unless their appointments were about to be abolished, which, I need hardly say, is not the case. These telegraphists, in common with others, have lately had their positions and prospects very considerably improved, at a large additional charge to the Revenue; and, under these circumstances, I do not think I should be justified in holding out any hope that the question can be re-opened.