HC Deb 01 May 1884 vol 287 c1039

asked the honourable Member for Finsbury (Mr. Torrens), Whether he will consent to limit the operation of the Waterworks Clauses Act (1847) Amendment Bill to the Metropolitan area, and to introduce Amendments to that effect in the Committee on the Bill?


, in reply, was understood to say that the promoters of the Bill would offer no objection to an Amendment limiting the operation of the measure as desired. They would thus be enabled to make applicable the provisions of the Valuation Act of 1869, which only extended to London. He further wished to state that if any doubt were entertained by the Companies as to their legal right to contest the ruling of the Assessment Committees or of the Assessment Sessions, no objection would be made to the insertion of a clause in Committee expressly giving them a locus standi for the purpose.