HC Deb 01 May 1884 vol 287 c1035

asked the Under Secretary of State for India, Whether the Madras Officials, who are Concessionaires of the gold yielding land conceded on advantageous terms to them by the British Resident of Mysore during the Regency of the Rajah, continue to receive their pensions and salaries; and, if so, whether this is in accordance with the rulings of the Secretary of State's Despatches, No. 22, of 25th November 1862, and No. 17, of 9th July 1863, categorically prohibiting Civil and Military Officers from holding land in the Mysore territory?


The Government of India, some months ago, directed that the three officers connected with the Mysore concession who are still in the Service should at once sever such connection. They do not, however, think it necessary to go further than this, having no doubt that these officers acted in the bond fide belief that they were not contravening the orders of the Government in acquiring their shares in the concession. As regards retired officers concerned in the matter, Government has no ground for interfering with their pensions. The Papers explaining in more detail the views of the Government of India and of the Secretary of State are now complete; and if the hon. Member will move for them they shall be presented.