HC Deb 31 March 1884 vol 286 cc1165-6

asked the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Whether he has seen the following Report of a Committee of the New York Senate, appointed to inquire into the adulteration of dairy products, as published in The Standard of the 24th instant:— Of thirty samples of butter two-thirds were only remotely traceable to milk. The refuse fat of pigs and bullocks was the chief and most savoury ingredient, but often spoiled greases were used which had been deodorized by nitric and sulphuric acids of a strength sufficient to rot a workman's cowhide boots, to cause the finger nails to fall off, and induce various lingering diseases. The material was also found to contain ingredients which are fatal to infants. The doctors, upon oath, declared that the consumption of this compound had a distinct bearing upon the death rate. The Committee advises the total prohibition of the manufacture of oleomargarine; and, seeing that an enormous quantity of oleomargarine and cheese is brought into this Country from the United States, whether he will cause an inquiry to be instituted as to the correctness of that Report, in order that the public may be assured that such deleterious food is not sold to them?


Sir, we have applied to the Foreign Office to obtain information from the American Government on this subject.