HC Deb 31 March 1884 vol 286 cc1173-4

asked, What action the Government intended to take with regard to the Resolution which was agreed to by the House on Friday night respecting Local Taxation?


asked, whether, having regard not more to the result of Friday's Division than to the views of hon. Members representing county constituencies on his side of the House, the Government would be prepared to consider the expediency of giving precedence, after the Representation of the People and the Contagious Diseases (Animals) Bills had been disposed of, to the measure dealing with the whole question of local government and local taxation, which they had been given to understand was ready for introduction?


said, he had had no communication from the hon. Member for South Leicestershire (Mr. Pell) on this subject; but he had received that afternoon from his noble Friend (the Marquess of Hartington) a communication to the effect that the hon. Member had forwarded him a note. [Mr. PELL.: I posted it on Saturday afternoon.] He was not finding any fault, and was only explaining why it was not possible for him to communicate with his Colleagues upon the matter. The subject was one of great importance, and had been distinctly referred to in the Queen's Speech. Therefore, if the hon. Gentleman would postpone his Question, he thought he should be able to answer it in a manner befitting the importance of the occasion.


said, he wished to explain that he distinctly gave Notice on Saturday morning that he would put this Question to the Government. His Notice was received with a smile by the noble Marquess and the Secretary of State for the Home Department. He took it in good part; but thought that the Government would have answered the Question.


said, the hon. Member opposite (Mr. Pell) was quite correct. If there was any blame, it rested with him; but the Question did not appear on the Notice Paper, and he did not receive the hon. Member's note until late on Saturday evening, not in time to enable him to communicate with his right hon. Friend.


gave Notice that he would repeat the Question to-morrow.


said, he wished to ask the noble Marquess, whether the House were to understand that the important question of local taxation, on which the Government sustained a serious defeat on Friday night, was not considered by the Government sufficiently important to occupy their deliberations at Saturday's Cabinet Council?


said, he was afraid he should not be entitled to state what took place at a meeting of the Cabinet.