HC Deb 27 March 1884 vol 286 cc859-60

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether he is aware that, at a public inquiry held within the last few months at Union Hall, county Cork, at which the three Inspectors of Fisheries were present, complaint was made by the parish priest of the short period (only three years in general) for which loans under the Reproductive Fund were granted, thus involving an annual payment of more than thirty-three per cent., and that he had been obliged to back bills for borrowers in order to enable them to meet these instalments; whether, according to the last Report, not more than one-third in 1882, and one-half in 1883, have been expended of the money available for the county Cork; and, whether he would advise the Inspector in charge to extend the time for repayment to five or six years?


I am informed that at a meeting of the Piers and Harbours Committee in Ireland, held at Union Hall, County Cork, on the 24th of January, complaint was made of the short period for which loans under the Reproductive Fund were granted. It is true that only a comparatively small part of the money available fur the county of Cork in 1882 was expended; but the greater portion of it only became available in October (in consequence of the passing of the Act 45Vict. c. 16). Out of the money available in 1883, loans to the extent of over three-fourths were recommended. I understand that all this money has not yet been actually advanced, in consequence of delay arising from the Inspectors themselves supplying the articles and paying for them. The last paragraph, which is the most important, I cannot answer now because it has not been replied to by the Inspector, and I must wait for further communications from him.