HC Deb 24 March 1884 vol 286 c588

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, If he is aware that, during the recent inquiry under the Labourers' Act, held in Navan, county Meath, a number of claims were disallowed, owing to the fact that the claimants at present worked in the timber yard of Mr. Thomas Dignan, a tenant farmer, though evidence was given by Mr. Metge, Mr. Dignan's landlord, that such work was of a temporary character, that all the men so employed were practically agricultural labourers having no other calling, that they had worked in the fields from childhood, and would have nothing to fall back upon but agricultural labour if dismissed from Mr. Dignan's employment; further, that these men are actually employed by Mr. Dignan in all operations connected with his farm at the regular seasons; whether he is aware that one of the said claimants, Patrick Martin, not only had his claim disallowed, but has been served with a notice to quit by his landlord, because he had brought the condition of his cabin under the notice of the sanitary authority; and, whether he will take immediate steps to remedy this grievance?


, in reply, said, the Local Government Board had not yet received the Report of their Inspector on this matter. The decision rested with the Board, and not with the Inspector.