HC Deb 24 March 1884 vol 286 c613

, who had given Notice to ask the First Lord of the Treasury, If he would have any objection to lay upon the Table of the House, a Return giving the number of Europeans and natives, respectively, who have met with violent deaths in Egypt and the Soudan since the commencement in 1882 of naval and military operations in that Country by Her Majesty's Government? said, he would postpone it in the absence of the right hon. Gentleman.


Sir, whether it is postponed or not, the only answer we can give to a Question of this nature is, that there is no information in our possession that would enable us to give such a Return as is asked for.


said, that the only reason he put the Question was, that the Prime Minister, in his Mid Lothian speeches—["Order, order!"]—was able to announce—["Order, order!"] He would ask the noble Marquess whether he was aware that, in his Mid Lothian speeches, the Prime Minister was able to inform the people of that country of the number of Zulus, whom he estimated at 10,000, who had been slain under the auspices of the then Conservative Government; and whether it was, therefore, fair to infer that, if he could give such an estimate in his private capacity, he could, as Prime Minister, give the numbers for the war in Egypt and the Soudan, for which he was responsible?