HC Deb 21 March 1884 vol 286 cc454-5

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether his attention has been drawn to a notice in the following terms, served on Patrick Cotter and other tenants on the property of Mr. Hamilton, at Annakissy, near Mallow, with respect to the pending election of Poor Law Guardian for that division:— Ballyfree, Glenealy, county Wicklow, "11th March 1884. Patrick Cotter,—Mr. Hamilton hopes and expects you will vote for John Buckley, as Poor Law Guardian. I will expect to hear that you will do so. Your friend, R. Smyth Dickson. Mr. Hamilton and I have requested Mr. Roche to let us know you vote; whether Mr. Dickson is the landlord's agent, and Mr. Roche the sub-agent; whether he is aware that some of the tenants so noticed owe arrears of rent, and are thus in the power of the landlord, and that Patrick Cotter has declared that, in consequence of the notice, he will be obliged, against his will, to vote for Mr. Buckley; whether steps will be taken to prosecute, under the Intimidation Clause of the Crimes Act, the persons responsible for suggesting, writing, serving, or enforcing the notice; whether the Mr. Roche who is charged with seeing that the tenants obey the direction of the landlord was a Sub-Commissioner under the Land Act, and, as a Justice of the Peace, signed a protest against the dismissal of Lord Rossmore; and, what notice will be taken of his conduct? In putting the Question I may say, with regard to the shortness of the Notice, that I put it on the Paper immediately that I got the letter, and on the last day on which it could have any effect.


Sir, I am sorry that I had not time to get information on this subject. Indeed, the hon. Member (Mr. O'Brien) himself recognizes the shortness of the Notice. It is impossible to get an answer by telegraph; and it would not be very satisfactory if I got it. However, I will do my best to take any retrospective action in the matter, if action should be required. I will answer the Question if he repeats it on a future occasion.


I will repeat the Question on Tuesday.