HC Deb 20 March 1884 vol 286 cc272-3

, who had the following Notice on the Paper relating to the Bill:— To move, that it he an Instruction to the Committee that they do provide that the Butter Inspectors shall not be accompanied by, or interfered with by, any Butter Merchant, or Broker, or other person, save and excepting the officials of the Market, during their inspection, and that the Trustees do frame bye-laws to protect the Inspectors from all pressure and undue influence in the discharge of their duty, said, that he had been in communication with the promoters of the Bill and with Lord Fitzgerald, and had received an undertaking from them upon certain points of the measure which he considered of vital importance. He therefore proposed to postpone the Motion of which he had given Notice. The most important question raised in the Bill related to inspection. Great censure had been cast upon those who inspected the butter in the Cork Market, and great injury to the trade had resulted therefrom. The inspection had not been honest, but had been conducted under great pressure, and what had taken place now re-acted in such a way as to deteriorate the price of butter. All he wished now to provide for was——


I understood the hon. Member wished to postpone his Motion. If he wishes it, and there is no opposition, it will be done as a matter of course.


Yes, I wish to postpone it, as I have been in communication with the promoters of the Bill, and have received a very satisfactory statement from them.

Motion postponed till To-morrow.

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