HC Deb 17 March 1884 vol 286 c38

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether, in view of the unanimous congratulations addressed by Irish judges to grand juries at the Spring Assizes on the state of the respective counties, and also considering the undisturbed condition of society evidenced by the records of agrarian crime for the bygone half-year, the Government will discontinue the operation of those provisions of the Crimes Prevention Act which relate to the quartering of extra police, and the lowing of taxes for compensation?


Sir, there are but seven proclamations for additional Constabulary under the Crimes Act now in active operation, as against 57 in February, l883. Of these, four affect districts in the county of Kerry. In the case of that county, the Judge's address to the Grand Jury at the late Assizes is not altogether of the character indicated in this Question; but, while remarking on the diminution of agrarian crime, clearly points to the value of the extra police force as one of the means to secure that end. With regard to the levying of taxes for compensation, it seems hardly necessary to say that the improved state of a district affords no ground upon which such a district could be relieved from payment of the compensation which has already been legally awarded to persons who, during the disturbed time, suffered injury or loss.