HC Deb 17 March 1884 vol 286 c17

asked the Lord Advocate, With reference to the case of Frederick Leonard, a boy of 14, examined by the Procurator Fiscal of Orkney as a witness in. The Rousay threatening letter case, who, after the conclusion of his regular precognition, was asked to give a specimen of his writing, as explained, for his own exoneration; whether his attention has been called to the boy's version of the occurrence, that he was directed to write expressions apparently taken from the threatening letter; and, whether he has any objection to produce the Document written by Leonard after the conclusion of his regular precognition?


Sir, the words and expressions which Frederick Leonard was requested to write were for the most part taken from the threatening letter. This was plainly the proper course when the question had boon whether he was the writer of that letter, and the Fiscal desired to preserve evidence for the boy's exoneration of the soundness of the conclusion at which he had arrived, that the letter had not been written by the boy. I have he objection to lay a copy of the document written by Leonard on the Table of the House, if this desired, and to exhibit the principal to any hon. Member who may wish to see it.