HC Deb 14 March 1884 vol 285 cc1547-8

asked, with reference to the progress of the Contagious Diseases (Animals) Bill, Whether the Government will proceed with the Second Beading of that measure at the earliest possible opportunity after the present necessities of Supply have been disposed of; and, whether they will take the Committee on that Bill before the next stage of the Representation of the People Bill?


In reply to the first part of the Question, I have to say that the Government propose, with the concurrence of the House, to proceed more expeditiously than the hon. and gallant Member asks. The Government would ask the House to agree to take a Morning Sitting on Tuesday next for the purpose of proceeding with the second reading of this Bill. With regard to the last Question, the hon. and gallant Gentleman must be aware that it is impossible for the Government, and I believe it would be absolutely without precedent, to make any announcement as to their intention in regard to a stage of the Bill subsequent to the one which has not already been reached. I am, therefore, quite unable to say what would be the course of the Government in regard to this Bill until the second reading has been disposed of.


wished to know whether the Government would postpone the sitting of Committees on Private Bills on Tuesday next if the second reading of the Bill relating to contagious diseases of animals was to be taken at a Morning Sitting on that day, inasmuch as many hon. Members who took a great interest in the question, and would probably wish to speak upon it, were Members of Committees which would be sitting at the time?


asked if there would be any advantage gained by taking the Bill at a Morning Sitting, because it would probably be talked out?


I think it is impossible to assume the second reading of a Bill of this kind would be talked out at a Morning Sitting until we hear more opinions in regard to it. With regard to the Question of the hon. and gallant Member, I conceive that inconvenience, whatever it may be, must occasionally occur in connection with Committees whenever Morning Sittings are taken. I am afraid this is the only arrangement that it is in the power of the Government to propose for the purpose of facilitating the progress of this Bill.