HC Deb 10 March 1884 vol 285 cc1015-6

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether a bailiff named Whiteside, in Glan, county Cavan, under police protection, is allowed money for two horses and cars his own property; if so, how much, and whether paid for by Government or charged to barony of Tullyhaw; is there any other similar case of allowance for vehicles the property of a protected party; what amount of extra pay is given monthly to the constabulary at the post; is it charged to the barony; and, is it true that half the fuel and light allowance is given to the bailiff; and, if so, on what conditions?


Sir, the bailiff mentioned, Whiteside, is under police protection. Whenever he leaves home, otherwise than on foot, it is necessary for the police to follow him on a separate vehicle; and for this purpose the most convenient and economical arrangement is to employ his own second horse and car, there being no other vehicle within miles which could be hired. The payment for the use of the vehicle is made by the Government. The case is exceptional, but not altogether without precedent. The Constabulary employed on this duty receive no extra pay, except the usual allowance when absent from their station at night. This averages about 14s. a-month for each man, and is not charged to the barony. It is not true that half the fuel and light allowance is given to the bailiff. It is paid to the men, who provide themselves.