HC Deb 07 March 1884 vol 285 cc866-7

asked the Vice President of the Council, Whether he is prepared to consider favourably the case of the teachers in elementary schools who having entered the profession under a Parliamentary guarantee of a pension, and having fulfilled all the conditions imposed by Parliament, are denied the pension because the fund is exhausted?


Sir, I am anxious to be able to deal more favourably than at present with the applications for pensions from the teachers referred to by the hon. Member; and their case is now under consideration. But the Committee of this House who considered this subject in 1872 did not admit that the teachers "entered the profession under a Parliamentary guarantee." They reported that the Minutes of 1846 sanctioning a limited number of pensions "were not intended to hold out any promise," and "that the Committee of Council on Education took powers, but did not pledge themselves to grant pensions." We are, however, submitting the whole of the facts to the Treasury for their consideration.