HC Deb 06 March 1884 vol 285 cc663-4

asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether it is true that Captain Haldane, whilst lately serving in the North Staffordshire Regiment, was under arrest on charges in connection with the falsification of accounts and the misappropriation of a considerable sum of money; whether a compromise was entered into by which Captain Haldane was made to resign his Commission, receiving a gratuity from the State, from which the amount fraudulently misappropriated was guaranteed to be paid; whether Captain Haldane has recently retired, and has received from the State £1,200, out of which the sum misapplied by him has been deducted; and, whether the Government were in possession of all the facts of the case previous to their sanctioning Captain Haldane's retirement; or, if not, whether a searching inquiry will be instituted with the view of ascertaining the responsible parties?


, in reply, said, Captain Haldane was put under arrest by the Commanding Officer in consequence of irregularities in the accounts. Subsequently, however, the public accounts were found to be correct; but there was a deficiency in his account as President of the Regimental Committee. There was no evidence of intentional fraud, and Captain Haldane was permitted to retire with the gratuity to which he was entitled. He asked that the sum of which the account was deficient should be taken out of the sum due to him. The War Office was in possession of all the necessary facts, and no further proceedings were contemplated.