HC Deb 30 June 1884 vol 289 c1682

asked the Secretary of State for War, If he will lay upon the Table of the House a statement showing, by years and in sufficient detail to be explanatory, the causes which have led to the expense of the General Staff of the Army being increased from £83,993, the amount voted in the Army Estimate for 1872–3, to £173,411, the amount voted in the Army Estimate for 1885?


With the exception of about £25,000 for the Staff in Egypt, and an improvement in pay of military staff clerks, almost the entire increase is nominal only, and represents a transfer of charge from one head to another. Before 1881–2 the emoluments of a staff officer were provided from two sources. He had staff pay under the head of General Staff, and either regimental pay or half-pay. At present he draws but one consolidated pay under the head of General Staff, These two items account for about £75,000 out of the apparent increase of £90,000. The remaining £15,000 is attributable partly to the improved pay of staff clerks referred to above, and partly to the fact that officers commanding Artillery and Engineer districts now for the most part receive pay as colonels on the Staff, whereas they were formerly paid as regimental officers. To give the Return in detail by years asked for by the hon. and gallant Member would involve great labour, and I fail to see that it would answer any useful purpose.