HC Deb 23 June 1884 vol 289 cc1081-2

NEW MEMBERS SWORN—Lieutenant General Sir Frederick Wellington John Fitz-Wygram, baronet, for Southampton County (Southern Division); Sir John Whittaker Ellis, baronet, for Surrey (Mid Division).

PUBLIC BILLS — Second ReadingContagious Diseases (Animals) Act, 1878 (Districts) [253]; Trustees of Settlements [255], debate adjourned; Licensing Act (1872) Amendment [248]; Tramways and Public Companies (Ireland) Act (1883) Amendment* [231].

Committee — Royal Courts of Justice [139]— R.P.; Revision of Jurors and Voters Lists (Dublin County) [124], deferred; County Courts (Ireland) [258].

CommitteeReport—Summary Jurisdiction (Repeal, &c.) (re-comm.) [254].

Considered as amended—Local Government Provisional Orders (Poor Law) (No. 11) * [213]; Representation of the People [249], debate adjourned.

Third Reading—Public Health (Scotland) Provisional Order (No. 2) * [229]; Tramways Provisional Orders * [180]; Tramways Provisional Orders (No. 3)* [194]; Customs and Inland Revenue* [206], and passed.

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