HC Deb 19 June 1884 vol 289 cc789-90

— PRIVATE BILLS (by Order) — Third Reading — Milford Docks (Junction Railway) *; North Metropolitan Tramways *; South Eastern Metropolitan, (Lewisham, Greenwich, and District Tramways),* and passed.

PUBLIC BILLS— OrderedFirst Reading —Trustees of Settlements * [255]; Criminal Lunatics * [256].

Report of Select Committee —Summary Jurisdiction (Repeal, &c.)* [No. 224].

CommitteeReport —Representation of the People [l19–249] (NewClauses) — [EleventhNight]; Customs and Inland Revenue [206]; Sheriff Court Houses (Scotland) Amendment [245]; Settled Land [247].

Report — Local Government (Ireland) Provisional Order (Labourers Act) (No. 4) (Nenagh Union)* [202].

Considered as amended —Artizans' and Labourers' Dwellings (Scotland) Provisional Orders * [222]; National Debt (Conversion of Stock) * [186].

Considered as amendedThird ReadingFisheries (Oyster, Crab, and Lobster) Act (1877) Amendment* [208], and passed.

Third Reading —Electric Lighting Provisional Order (No. 4) * [232]; Local Government (Ireland) Provisional Orders (New Streets in the City of Dublin, &c.)* [200]; Local Government(Ireland) Provisional Orders (Labourers Act) (No. 2) (Unions of Clonmel and others)* [198]; Local Government (Ireland) Provisional Orders (Labourers Act) (No. 5) (Unions of Cashel and others) * [205]; Local Government (Ireland) Provisional Orders (Labourers Act) (No. 6) (Unions of Delvin, and others) * [210]; Local Government Provisional Order (Highways) *[226]; Local Government Provisional Orders (Poor Law) (No. 12) (Parishes of Barnwood, and others) * [214]; Local Government ^Provisional Orders (Poor Law) (No. 13) (City of Oxford, and others)* [215];

Tramways (Ireland) Provisional Order (No. 2) (Clogher Valley Tramway) * [234], and passed.

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