HC Deb 19 June 1884 vol 289 c790

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether it is a fact that, in the land case of Andrew M'Cale, of Gallon, Killinkere, Virginia, county Cavan, the solicitors for landlord and tenant agreed, by compromise of a disputed measurement, that 18 3 4 should be the basis for valuation, and that, in spite of said agreement, the Sub-Commissioners settled the measurement at 19 acres; and, whether he can explain the ground of the decision?


I have seen the Chairman of the Sub-Commission before which this case was heard. It was heard several months ago, and he has no recollection, nor any note, of the particular circumstances referred to. I asked him to communicate with the other Sub-Commissioners, and ascertain whether they could give any information on the subject, and this he undertook to do. I may mention that the records in the Land Commission Office show that the difference in the measurement was not what is stated in the Question, but only 16 perches.


Sir, in answer to the Question of the hon. Member for Cavan, you will allow me to explain, as this is a matter which concerns me. I have the honour to be the landlord concerned in the case about which the hon. Member for Cavan has asked, and I remember the case perfectly well. There was a survey made on behalf of the tenant, which made the area of the holding 18 acres 3 roods 18 perches, and the landlord's surveyor made the area 19 acres 1 rood 14 perches. We threw off the 1 rood 14 perches, and by mutual agreement made the area 19 acres. So that the hon. Member for Cavan will see that he has been wrongly informed.