HC Deb 18 June 1884 vol 289 c771

Select Committee on Police Burghs (Scotland) Bill to consist of Twenty-seven Members: — Committee nominated of,—Mr. ANDERSON, Mr. COCHRAN-PATRICK, Sir EDWARD COLEBROOKE, Admiral Sir JOHN HAY, Mr. CRUM, Lord ELCHO, Mr. BOLTON, Mr. NEWZAM NICHOLSON, Mr. BARCLAY, General ALEXANDER, Mr. ARMITSTEAD, Mr. ORR EWING, Mr. BUCHANAN, Mr. HOULDSWORTH, Mr. WEBSTER, Mr. ARTHUR BALFOUR, Mr. RICHARD CAMPBELL, Lord ALGERNON PERCY, Lord COLIN CAMPBELL, Mr. SCLATERBOOTH, Mr. DICK PEDDIE, Mr. DALRYMPLE, Mr. SELLAR, Colonel MILNE HOME, Mr. ANDREW GRANT, The LORD ADVOCATE, and Sir HERBERT MAXWELL, with power to send for persons, papers, and records; Five to be the quorum.—(The Lord Advocate.)

House adjourned at five minutes before Six o'clock.