HC Deb 16 June 1884 vol 289 cc419-20

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether he has observed that Mr. George Bolton has brought an action for libel against United Ireland, grounded on charges which he alleges were made against him in that paper, and which the defendant denies were ever made, but has not taken any proceedings in respect of charges of fraud, and other similar malpractices, which have been frequently made against him in United Ireland; whether those charges of fraud have como under the notice of the Irish Government; and, whether they have been investigated, and with what result?


I am informed that Mr. George Bolton has brought an action for libel against the editor of United Ireland, grounded on charges of criminality made against him and certain other persons, and that the defendant has denied having made such charges. It is for the Court and jury before which that case is tried to determine whether such charges were, in fact, made. I am aware that many other attacks have been from time to time made against Mr. Bolton in that paper. I am not aware of any ground for an allegation of fraud unless it be referable to transactions which occurred five years ago, and were investigated both by the late and present Government, and stated by both to furnish no ground for action being taken against Mr. Bolton.