HC Deb 16 June 1884 vol 289 cc413-4

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, If a sum of £1,800 and interest has been due by the Treasury, from the year 1848, to the Mento Estate; if this sum is due for land taken and appropriated by the Board of Works; if the Treasury at first delayed paying this sum owing to disputes between different parties interested in the estate as to the allocation of the sum; if, subsequently, the present owner, Sir Valentine Blake and his late father, opened the estate so that Sir Valentine Blake is now the sole owner; if all parties interested, who have been in communication with the Treasury on this subject, have signified their acquiescence in the payment of Sir Valentine Blake; and, if, under these circumstances, the Treasury will now discharge this long standing debt?


The statements in the Question are not correct. The facts are very complicated; but are shortly to the effect that, if it can be proved that certain moneys were actually paid by a defunct Drainage Company more than 40 years ago, it will be the duty of the Treasury to pay into Court a sum not exceeding £1,800, to be distributed by the Lord Chancellor; but until such proof is supplied it is illegal for the Treasury to make such payment. The solicitors for the parties interested are aware of the position of the question. We are acting strictly under legal advice in the matter.