HC Deb 21 July 1884 vol 290 c1728

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, If it is true that the conduct of Mr. Dagg, clerk of the Baltinglass Union, was impugned by the popular candidate at the late election; whether, on investigation by an officer of the Local Government Board, Mr. Dagg was found only to have committed errors of judgment; whether these errors resulted in the return of the Conservative candidate; whether the Conservative majority of the Board of Guardians have since recommended an increase of Mr. Dagg's salary; whether a numerously signed petition on the part of the ratepayers has been sent to the Local Government Board protesting against the proposed increase; and, what action the Board intend to take in the matter?


A fortnight ago I informed the hon. Member that the candidate declared elected was found on inquiry to have received a majority of valid votes, and I stated that the errors of judgment on the part of the Returning Officer did not affect the result of the election. The Board of Guardians have recommended an increase in the salary of the clerk of the Union, and petitions have been signed adverse to the proposal. The Local Government Board have not yet decided whether they will sanction the increase.


asked whether, after so many clerks had been reprimanded through these elections, the Government would not take some action in the matter?


In one case the Returning Officer was removed and another substituted.


asked whether, the increase of salary in this case had not been recommended by a partizan Board to show their approval of the Returning Officer's conduct in this case?


asked whether the right hon. Gentleman had read the Report of the inquiry, and saw that the Returning Officer threatened an action for libel against the defeated candidate for moving for an investigation?


was understood to say that he had not read the evidence at the inquiry.