HC Deb 21 July 1884 vol 290 c1737

asked the Secretary to the Admiralty, Whether any of Her Majesty's ships are employed on the West Coast of Ireland for the purpose of conveying emigrants, under the direction of the Tuke and Gaskell Committee, from the islands and different parts of the mainland to the points at which the Transatlantic steamers wait; whether this service is afforded to the Tuke and Gaskell Committee free of cost; and, whether the object is to get the emigrants out of the Country without attracting public notice?


Four of Her Majesty's vessels, stationed on the West Coast of Ireland, have been occasionally employed in assisting the embarkation of emigrants in connection with the scheme of Mr. Tuke's Committee. If any expense was incurred, it was so slight that it is not intended to make any charge. The object of giving this assistance was to aid in a philanthropic undertaking for the benefit of the more destitute districts in the West of Ireland; and had there existed a desire to get the emigrants out of the country without attracting public notice, I can imagine nothing more likely to defeat that intention than the open employment of Her Majesty's vessels in the work. It is not proposed further to employ any vessels of the Navy on such duties during this season.