HC Deb 14 July 1884 vol 290 c903

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, If it is the fact that nothing has yet been done by the Irish Board of Works in the construction of a landing place at Aughris, county Sligo, although several months have elapsed since the estimate and plan were returned to the Board, with the sanction of the Commission on Piers and Harbours for proceeding with the work; whether it is the fact that the prospect of the prompt erection of the landing place has induced several of the fishing crews at Aughris to purchase new boats and nets; whether these boats and nets are now constantly suffering injury through the ruggedness of the existing landing place; and, whether, in view of the facts stated, the Board of Works will now immediately proceed to construct the landing place?


The hon. Member has been misinformed in this matter, no sanction to a plan for this work having been received by the Board of Works. I hope the local fishermen have not been put to any inconvenience from sharing in this misapprehension.