HC Deb 29 February 1884 vol 285 c209

asked the Postmaster General, Whether William Heap, of Bentley, Doncaster, was on 2nd January elected to the local School Board at the head of the poll; whether the said William Heap at that time held a sub-office under the Postmaster General, with 10s. per week for the delivery of letters; and, whether the said William Heap has since been required by the Post Office authorities to resign his seat on the School Board, under threat of dismissal?


Sir, it is the case, as implied by the Question of my hon. Friend, that Mr. Heap, of Bentley, was instructed to resign his seat on the local School Board; but this instruction was given under a misapprehension, and as soon as it became known at headquarters directions were given to revoke it. Mr. Heap has been informed that, so far as the Department is concerned, there is no objection to his remaining a member of the School Board, so long as his official duties are not interfered with thereby.