HC Deb 22 February 1884 vol 284 c1729

asked the President of the Board of Trade, If his attention has been called to the want of lighthouses in the Red Sea, in the following positions, viz.: The Island of Shadwan, the Island of Abu Eil, and on the mainland of Mocha; if it is the case that the Egyptian Government have a considerable fund at their disposal derived from light dues in that sea; and, if he would use his influence with our representatives in Egypt to have this important work carried out as soon as possible?


My attention has been for some time directed to the inadequate lighting of the Red Sea. The difficulties of the various national jurisdictions, and the present aspect of affairs in Egypt, has been, and are, not altogether favourable to progress; but I am not without hopes that some additional lights may before long be established, and among them one on or near Abu Eil; and we are communicating with Sir Evelyn Baring on the subject. With respect to the Question whether there has been or is a surplus from the dues on the existing lights in the Red Sea, and, if so, the mode in which it has been or is to be applied, I have been, and am still, in communication with the Foreign Office.