HC Deb 14 February 1884 vol 284 cc850-1

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether, under the Rules sanctioned by the Lord Lieutenant in Council, it was provided that loans, under the Irish Reproductive Loan Fund, to Irish fishermen might be repaid by instalments extending over ten years, as the Inspectors of Irish Fisheries would recommend; if it be the fact that the Inspectors have not recommended the repayments of loans to fishermen in the county of Cork and other southern counties for a longer period than three years; and, if so, if he will advise the Inspectors to avail themselves of the powers given to them by the Privy Council, and give a more extended period for repayment of such instalments, the limited time now given being almost prohibitory, and, in many cases, involving the raising of money by borrowing at usurious interest to pay their instalments?


Sir, 10 years is the maximum period allowed by the Privy Council Rules for the repayment of such loans. Generally, the loans granted in the counties of Cork and Kerry have been made repayable by instalments extending over three years; but in some cases the period has been longer. Each application is considered on its merits, and decided according to the necessities of the case, the ability of the persons to repay, and the probable success of the fishing. The Inspectors have not received any complaints as to the time fixed in cases in the county of Cork, and they do not think it is prohibitory, as nearly all the money available under the Act for that county has been taken up by borrowers. If the hon. Member has any detailed information which he thinks would be likely to lead the Inspectors to alter their views, I will be happy to forward it to them for their consideration, if he will enable me to do so. They assure me they will be ready to consider it.