HC Deb 11 February 1884 vol 284 c420

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, What was the decision come to by the Municipal Boundaries Commissioners, who took evidence in 1879, with reference to the extension or otherwise altering the boundaries of the township of Arklow, in the county of Wicklow; whether he has noticed, at page 13 of the Commissioners' Report to the Lord Lieutenant, presented to Parliament in 1881, that they refer to Arklow as one of eleven towns in which they "have lessened the area in which full taxation is to be paid," and, at page 15, as one of seventy-six towns with respect to which they say, "if the extension of the boundary proposed by us with respect to each of those towns is carried out; "what is the explanation of the apparent contradiction; and, whether any communication has been made to the Town Commissioners of Arklow in regard to the inquiry held by the Municipal Boundaries Commissioners respecting the boundaries of the town?


Sir, the recommendations of the Commissioners will be found fully set forth in their Report to which the hon. Member refers, and which, as he mentions, is already before the House. They could not be conveniently quoted at length in answer to a Question. I do not think there is any such contradiction in the Commissioners' proposals as is suggested. While recommending an extension of the boundaries of the great majority of towns under the Towns Improvement Act, they also think that in the case of some of those towns only a restricted inner area should be liable to full taxation. Thus the boundary generally would be ex-tended as on page 15, yet lessoned "for full taxation" as on page 13. No communication on the subject has been made by the Government to the Town Commissioners of Arklow.