HC Deb 02 December 1884 vol 294 cc435-6

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, If there is a rule of the Irish Board of National Education prohibiting members of religious orders from acting as teachers in any school to the cost of erecting which the Board had given a contribution; whether, as schools taught by members of religious orders are inspected by the agents of the Board, examined, paid result fees, and fully admitted to participation in the system of the Education Department, any principle can be pleaded for preventing members of religious orders from teaching in those schools to the cost of erecting which the Board contribute; and, whether the rule, if such rule exist, will be rescinded, as being opposed to the interest of public education?


A rule has been in force to the effect stated by the hon. Member. The Government have had this rule under consideration in communication with the Commissioners of National Education; and, at the same time, they have reviewed the effect of two other regulations, one of which prohibits grants to more than one school in connection with the same con- vent; while the other excludes nuns from teaching in the industrial department. I am glad to say that it has been decided by the Commissioners, with the cordial concurrence of the Government, to remove all these restrictions.