HC Deb 01 December 1884 vol 294 cc351-2
MR. LEAMY (for Mr. R. POWER)

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether in the Letter of the 29th January 1879, from the Office of National Education, removing Mr. Eitzgerald from the post of District Inspector, which he had filled for nearly twenty-five years, this paragraph occurs:— In your Journal referred to (for the week ending 16th November 1878) you state that on the 12th of November you travelled by post car from Waterford to Kilculliheen and Ferry-bank National Schools and back, incurring thereby an expenditure of 5s. 6d.; whether this assertion is entirely con- trary to the actual facts, no mention whatsoever having been made in the Journal referred to of the Ferrybank National Schools; whether, according to the Chief Secretary's statement in the House on the 10th of this month, the Ferrybank National Schools only came into existence on the 26th February 1879, more than three weeks subsequently; and, whether, if it is not admitted that the quotation from the letter of dismissal contains a statement not in accordance with the facts, the Journal referred to will be laid upon the Table of the House?


Mr. Fitzgerald made the charge for travelling expenses, which the Commissioners decided to be improper, in respect of an official visit to two schools—Kilculliheen and Ferrybank—both of which were mentioned in his Journal. In the Commissioners' letter, both were, by a clerical error, referred to as National Schools—only one of them, as a matter of fact, occupying that position at the time. This circumstance in no way affects the merits of the case against Mr. Fitzgerald.