HC Deb 11 August 1884 vol 292 c444

asked the Secretary to the Admiralty, Whether it is the fact that the climate allowance or Egyptian allowance of three shillings a-day, formerly drawn by officers of the Royal Marines in Egypt, has now been stopped, although it is continued to officers of the Royal Engineers and other Regiments at Cairo, Ramleh, &c.; and, if so, what is the reason of the Royal Marines being differently treated in this respect from the other troops in Egypt?


In the case of the Marines, who formed part of the force under General Sir Gerald Graham, both the Egyptian allowance and field allowance were issued. In certain other cases this has been done without proper authority, and the double issue has been discontinued. I do not understand that any officers of the Army who are provided with quarters receive field allowance in addition to the Egyptian allowance. At Suakin it has been agreed to issue field allowance instead of Egyptian allowance to the Marines on the ground that they are in some measure unprovided with quarters; and field allowance at Navy rates exceeds in amount the Egyptian allowance which they would otherwise receive.