HC Deb 07 August 1884 vol 292 cc107-8

asked the First Commissioner of Works, Whether, during the Recess, he will favourably consider and adopt measures for an increase of space and improved ventilation in the Ladies' Gallery, also for the removal of the screen; and, further, if any Order of the House exists which leaves about one-third of the Gallery with a divisional partition under the control of Mr. Speaker?


said, he would consider the matter referred to by the hon. Member during the Recess; but he could not hold out any certain prospects of being able to do anything in the direction suggested. With regard to the second part of the Question, a portion of the Ladies' Gallery was appropriated by a Committee of the House, immediately after the erection of the House, for admission by order of Mr. Speaker, who used this privilege, not as a matter of private right, but who exercised it to meet claims of a special character, whether proceeding from Members of the House, or from other distinguished persons.


asked whether the right hon. Gentleman could give any reason why the grating should not be removed, and such changes made as would greatly facilitate hearing and seeing in the Ladies' Gallery? [Cries of "No!"]

[No reply.]