HC Deb 28 April 1884 vol 287 cc733-4

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, If the Government, being aware of the evidence of Sub-Inspector Dunning, at the magisterial investigation in Derry in November last, in which he stated that he believed that the shot which took effect on Kelly came from the roof of the Corporation Hall, any prosecution has arisen, therefrom; whether Sub-Inspector Bernard also states on oath at the same investigation that the first shots which were fired came from the Corporation Hall windows; whether a man named Rankin, who was charged with having flung missiles from the roof of the Hall on the passing processionists, was produced before the magistrates, and his case, on the application of the County Inspector, not decided, as it was then stated by the County Inspector a more serious charge would be preferred against him; whether he has since been produced on that more serious charge; whether a young man named Waller, the son of a City official, has been charged with having firearms on the roof of the Hall on the 1st November; and, if the Government have taken any steps to bring to justice those who can be sworn to and who were identified by Sub-Constable Daly as having flung missiles at the processionists, and having fired revolvers on the occasion, or if it is the intention of the Government to institute further inquiries into the matter, and prosecute those who were then and there identified as taking part in the Town Hall affray?


Both Sub-Inspector Dunning and Sub - Inspector Bernard stated as mentioned in the Question; but only as matter of belief, and were not able to identify anyone. A man named Rankin was charged with having flung missiles from the roof of the Hall, and the case was adjourned, as it was stated a more serious charge might be preferred against him. The matter has been inquired into, and no evidence can be procured sufficient to sustain the charge. It was stated that Waller, who is the son of a rate collector, had a revolver on the roof of the Hall; but it was not shown he in any way used it. No person has been identified by Sub-Constable Daly as having flung missiles, or fired revolvers. Several persons, both in the Lord Mayor's procession and in the Corporation Hall, were alleged to have fired shots and thrown missiles; but no sufficient evidence has, up to the present, been obtained to justify a prosecution against either party, save in the case of Doherty, who has been convicted for the shooting at Durnion.