HC Deb 28 April 1884 vol 287 cc742-3

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether he is aware that, on the 3rd inst., the Irish Local Government Board received from Mr. Thomas Holden, of Strokestown, county Roscommon, a declaration made in the presence of Mr. Richard Hague, a Justice of the Peace for said county, in which declaration Mr. Holden charged Mr. Flynn, clerk and returning officer of the Strokestown Union, with having acted illegally in reference to the recent election of a Poor Law Guardian for the division of Ballygarden, in the said Union, by having refused to record in favour of the said Thomas Holden, eight votes tendered for him on the part of six voters who had duly paid their Poor and Seed Bates, and by having allowed to the other candidate, Mr. Cox, seven votes on the part of four voters whose Seed Rates are still due; whebher the returning officer, after having agreed with Mr. Holden to appoint a day to decide on the votes objected to—to submit the proxy votes, 40 or 50 in number, to the scrutiny of Mr. Holden, subsequently refused either to go over the objections or exhibit the proxy votes, and declared Mr. Cox elected by a majority of six votes; and, whether the Local Government Board will order a scrutiny or a new election?


It is the case that the Local Government Board received a declaration from Mr. Holden containing complaints of the character mentioned as to the actions and decisions of the Returning Officer at the recent election. The complaints having been referred to the Returning Officer, he furnished an explanation which appeared to the Board to be satisfactory; and this explanation was sent to Mr. Holden, who has not since made any further communication or complaint on the subject. If he shows any ground for questioning the accuracy of the statements in the explanation of the Returning Officer, or affords any sufficient reason for doubting the validity of the Return, the Local Government Board will make further inquiry; but at present they cannot order a new election.