HC Deb 28 April 1884 vol 287 cc757-8

asked Mr. Speaker, Whether, when hon. Members are engaged on Private Bill Committees, they have the right to call on the Chairman to adjourn the Committee, so that they may attend in their places in the House, when a Division takes place at a Morning Sitting; and, further, if so, whether the same right will extend to Standing Committees, so that Members engaged on Private Bill Committees can have them adjourned for the purpose of attending such Standing Committees?


I do not think I am called upon to answer theoretical Questions; but I assume from the statement of the hon. Baronet that a case is likely to arise immediately. In answer to the hon. Baronet, I have to say that there is no inherent right in a Member to call upon the Chairman of a Private Bill Committee to adjourn the Committee, in order that they may attend the House, when a Division takes place, or for the purpose of attending a Standing Committee.