HC Deb 25 April 1884 vol 287 cc654-5

The Government have, in accordance with the undertaking which I gave after the Division in Committee on the Contagious Diseases (Animals) Bill on Tuesday last, carefully considered the course which they will take in regard to the Bill; and they have used their best endeavours to find some means to enable them to proceed with the Bill. As the result of our consideration, I shall propose another Amendment to Clause 1, which I will put on the Notice Paper to-day, and which will appear to-morrow. It will follow upon the decision at which the House arrived the other day, and which, of course, we cannot attempt to reverse. I will read to the House the words of the Amendment which I propose to move— In Clause 1, line 14, after the words 'foreign country,' to leave out the word 'therein' in line 17 inclusive, and to insert 'or any specified part thereof that, having regard to the sanitary condition of the animals therein or imported there from, to the laws made by such country for the regulation of the importation and exportation of animals, and for the prevention of the introduction and spread of disease, and to the administration of such laws, the circumstances are such as to afford reasonable security against the importation therefrom of animals affected with foot-and-mouth disease.' I may add, that if the House consents, we propose to proceed with the Committee on the Bill at 2 o'clock on Tuesday.


asked whether the House was to understand that as a matter of course they were to sit at 2 o'clock on Tuesday?


The House itself must appoint the Sitting.