HC Deb 21 April 1884 vol 287 cc131-2

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether Mr. John D. Elliott, collector of rates to the Town Commissioners of Black-rock, is a defaulter as such collector to the extent of £2,600; whether the Commissioners, being apprised of Mr. Elliott's defalcation, have privately agreed between themselves to retain him in the position of collector, and have accepted from him a mortgage of £900 upon his house and furniture as security for the money of the township appropriated by him to his own use; whether the Commissioners apprised Mr. Elliott's sureties of the course which they had taken in accepting the mortgage from him, and, in case they did not apprise the sureties and obtain their con- sent, whether the course taken has cancelled the bond of the said sureties, and released them from liability under it; whether the Commissioners had the legal power to compound such a matter; and, what course the Local Government Board will take in regard to the position of Mr. Elliott as Poor Rate collector of Rathmines?


I understand from various sources that the position of Mr. Elliott as collector of rates to the Blackrock Town Commissioners has been the subject of inquiry, which is still pending. The matter, therefore, being still sub judice, the Local Government Board do not feel that it would be right for them to take any step, or express any opinion, which would prejudge the case. The Local Government Board will make it their duty to see that the proceedings come forward.