HC Deb 21 April 1884 vol 287 cc136-7

asked the Vice President of the Privy Council, Whether the charity lands of Holy Cross, Clent, come under the provisions of "The Allotments Extension Act, 1882;" whether the trustee has refused the repeated applications of the labourers of the parish to rent these lands; whether the labourers and the Allotments Extension Association have repeatedly applied to the Charity Commissioners for assistance in compelling the trustee to carry out the provisions of the Act; and, whether the Charity Commissioners have received any communications from or on behalf of the trustee, with a view of selling the lands so as to evade the operation of the Act?


The charity lands of Holy Cross, Clent, do, in the opinion of the Charity Commissioners, come under the provisions of the Allotments Extension Act, 1882. The Trustee has not refused the applications of the labourers; but he is old and non-resident, and the Commissioners are taking steps to have new Trustees appointed. In reply to the last Question, the lands being copyhold, it will be necessary that a new tenant should be admitted on the Court rolls. As this will be attended with considerable expense, it has been suggested that a portion of the property should be sold to cover it. There is no desire, I am assured, to evade the operation of the Act. The Commissioners have been in communication with the Trustees of the charity lands in the parish of Adderbury, who are prepared to give effect to the Act in accordance with the decision of the Commissioners. Further information has been asked for as to a portion of the lands which have been leased since the passing of the Act, and this information is awaited. The Inspectors' Reports are of a confidential nature, and cannot be published without detriment to the Public Service.